Better Nutrient Management

It’s common knowledge that tough plastic trays last longer than Styrofoam, so represent a better return on investment…but there’s another sometimes more hidden saving.

A hard plastic tray is better on fertilizer than a Styrofoam tray. This is because of two main reasons:
• The roots are better, so take up nutrients more efficiently. This means less goodness runs through the cell and is lost down the drain.
• Nutrients can’t absorb into the cell walls.

When you combine these two facts, you can reduce the amount of fertilizer and nutrient management you have to do, creating a large net saving. There is good…

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Proptek Trays Now Available Via Greenhouse Megastore!

We are delighted to announce that we have teamed up with Greenhouse Megastore to supply some of our popular propagation products. This allows us to supply trays in smaller quantities and also brings on board the expertise of this very well known brand to help support our customers in product selection and fullfilment.

We currently have our 162242 and 338 vegetable trays available, along with our 8 cell Pot-in-Frame tree propagation system.

We will have another announcement soon about some more products coming available, which we are also really excited about!

We recommend joining their mailing…

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Getting to the Roots of Good Quality Plants the Proptek Way

Consistent results, unbelievably good roots, no mess, no struggle, no complicated machinery AND cost effective? Oh, and environmentally friendly too, please. A wild fantasy – right?

It doesn’t have to be.

Through working in and with the horticultural industry for over 30 years, along with a little bit of ingenuity and careful design, Proptek truly make the fantasy into real-life.

So how do we do it?

It’s our patented clever mix of root training ribs and air pruning technologies that ensure the roots of your plants grow in the most natural way possible, whilst retaining all the conveniences and advantages of a transportable…

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Cost Saving with Automation: Sleeve & Tray Growing Environments

Proptek sleeve and tray systems are becoming ever more popular for plants that can withstand, or need, a large amount of automation. Significant time and cost savings can be made by turning from “loose fill” to the Ellepot®/Proptek system – especially since the talk of rising labor rates in recent months.

With the Proptek 8 Cell Sleeve and Tray propagation system, you’ll reap all the benefits of all Proptek propagation trays, such as our air pruning technology and super long life construction, but with the added bonus of time and cost saving with automation.

Here’s the key features:

Better Quality Roots – Better Quality Plants


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