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Proptek Trays Now Available Via Greenhouse Megastore!

Date: Tuesday 27th of November, 2018
Tags: Announcements
We are delighted to announce that select products from our range will now be available to purchase in small quantities via

Labor Saving Doesn’t Have to be Expensive Machinery & Robots

Date: Tuesday 20th of November, 2018
Ag and nursery industries are facing major labor shortages and a lack of qualified employees - the solution is to become more efficient with our processes and use automation to bridge the gap.

Ellepot Review - A Few Months after Planting

Date: Thursday 23rd of August, 2018
Tags: Products
Cliff Beumel from Sierra Gold Trees heads out to an orchard to see how one of his trees grown in an Ellepot and Proptek system is doing several months after planting.

NEW for 2018! Proptek 162 Cell Vegetable Tray Re-Design

Date: Friday 15th of June, 2018
Proptek are committed to continuous improvement and product development, and we are pleased to announce that our popular super-versatile vegetable propagation tray has had an overhaul and is now even better.
Tray Length and the 50 Year Old Problem

Tray Length and the 50 Year Old Problem

Date: Wednesday 13th of June, 2018
The problem started with the introduction of the Styrofoam flat in the 1960’s which shrinks after a few weeks and months by up to just under half an inch (1cm). Find out how to combat this with a plastic tray and a clever way to install t-rail benching.

Proud to Support US Businesses

Date: Monday 13th of November, 2017
At Proptek we are proud that our tree containers and the vegetable trays that are used in the USA and sold all around the world are produced right here, on American soil.

IPPS Western Region Annual Meeting

Date: Tuesday 15th of August, 2017
Tags: Events
We are delighted that we will be attending this years IPPS Western Region Annual meeting on October 17th - 20th 2017. Proptek's Managing Director and leading horticulturalist, John Cooley, is one of the speakers.

Automating a Propagation Nursery

Date: Thursday 18th of May, 2017
Tags: Articles
Through years of working within the horticulture industry we have picked up some useful experience along the way. Costs constantly seem to be going up and up and automation is key to achieving a smooth and efficient operation

Sleeve & Tray Growing Environments

Date: Wednesday 10th of May, 2017
Tags: Articles Products
At Proptek we are always finding innovative ways to help grow better plants more efficiently

Proptek to Exhibit at World Ag Expo 2017

Date: Wednesday 1st of February, 2017
Tags: Events
We were delighted to announce that we are exhibiting again this year at the World AG Expo in Tulare, CA. Join us on booth 1325!

Gale Siemens Joins the Team

Date: Monday 21st of November, 2016
Tags: Announcements
We are delighted to welcome Gale Siemens to Proptek! Gale joins Mike and Dane in our California sales team and will be covering the northern half of the State. Find out more on our Meet the Team Page.

Join us in Mexico! ¡Ven a vernos en México!

Date: Wednesday 19th of October, 2016
Tags: Events
Estamos encantados de anunciar que volvemos a ser expositores en la Expo Agroalimentaria Guanajuato 2016 en México en menos de un mes. We are delighted to announce that we are to exhibit at the Expo Agroalimentaria Guanajuato 2016 in Mexico 8th-11th Nov

Farwest Show - Oregon August 25th - 27th 2016

Date: Wednesday 3rd of August, 2016
Tags: Events
We are delighted to announce that we will be exhibiting at the fantastic Farwest show at the Oregon Convention Center, Portalnd,

California Citrus Nursery Society Conference Nov 14th - 16th 2016

Date: Wednesday 27th of July, 2016
Tags: Events
We are delighted to announce that we will be attending the California Citrus Nursery Society's 2016 Annual Conference on November 14th through the 16th in Auburn, CA at the Holiday Inn.

Joint SFCNA NFCNA Forestry Conference - Louisiana July 18th-21st 2016

Date: Monday 27th of June, 2016
Tags: Events
We are delighted to announce that we're going to the joint Southern Forest & Conservation Nursery Association and Northeastern Forest & Conservation Nursery Association conference next month! The agenda looks intriguing and informative, with talks from industry experts along with a couple of planned field trips - plus we'll be there to discuss any ideas or issues you have regarding tree propagation. We'll be showing our fantastic 128 cell forestry tray - it's super deep and...

Getting to the Roots of Good Quality Plants the Proptek Way

Date: Monday 13th of June, 2016
Tags: Articles
Consistent results, unbelievably good roots, no mess, no struggle, no complicated machinery AND cost effective? Oh, and environmentally friendly too, please. A wild fantasy - right? It doesn’t have to be.

Cost Saving with Automation: Sleeve & Tray Growing Environments

Date: Thursday 19th of May, 2016
Tags: Articles Products
Proptek sleeve and tray systems are becoming ever more popular for plants that can withstand, or need, automation. Time & cost savings can be made by turning to the Ellepot®/Proptek system - especially since the talk of rising labor rates in recent months

The Future in Tree & Shrub Propagation: New 50 Cell Pot-in-Frame Tray

Date: Friday 22nd of April, 2016
Tags: Products
We are delighted to announce the arrival of the new 50 cell Pot-in-Frame tray for trees & shrubs. We have worked closely with growers over the last 30 years and have developed this innovative tray to provide better roots and better plants than ever before

Proptek Attends World Ag Expo - California, USA

Date: Saturday 13th of February, 2016
Tags: Events
It was great to see so many faces both old and new at the International Agri-Center in Tulare, CA.. The World AG Expo is a great opportunity for the industry to get together as a whole to share ideas and to discuss the future of global agriculture.

392 cell vegetable tray with revolutionary triple rib commences production.

Date: Thursday 10th of October, 2013
The new triple rib designs has shown in trials and production that it helps create an excellent root system which increases plant growth and survival rates at planting out time. Production is now running at our facility in Corona, California. Please visit this webpage for further details. If you are interested in receiving samples or in placing an order please contact us now.

New 28 pot in frame air pruning system launched.

Date: Wednesday 10th of July, 2013
Long life product for the grape, nuts, fruit, tree and shrub sectors. 8.5" pots are held above the bench/ground in it's own frame system with a design to encourage maximum air flow and air pruning levels. Production and sampling is now available from the production facility in Anaheim, California. Please visit this webpage for further details. If you are interested in receiving samples or in placing an order please contact us now.
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