Proud to Support US Businesses

At Proptek we are proud that our tree containers and the vegetable trays that are used in the USA and sold all around the world are produced right here, on American soil.

 But there’s so much more than just helping to create jobs and flying the flag for American manufacturing across the world:

- We try and choose factories near to key horticultural locations to reduce freight costs for our customers.

- There’s no complicated import process and no waiting around for containers to clear customs: meaning trays can be with you in days, not weeks or sometimes even months.

- We can use local reprocessed material and old trays can be recycled locally and re-used to help keep us as green as possible.

- Better quality product - we take pride in the fact that our products are more effective and far more durable than a lot of other propagation trays/containers on the market. We don’t cut corners just for the sake of shaving a few cents off our costs.

- Better collaboration with you, the customer. We’ve been in propagation for decades now - growing as well as making trays. That means we really understand what plants and growers both need. But that doesn’t stop us working closely day to day with our customers, who are all living and breathing horticulture. We have a great network of fantastic customers we can call on to discuss and tweak our designs to ensure they fit with modern operations to produce the best results possible.

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