072N10I: 72 Cell 10x20" Nesting/Stacking Tree & Shrub Propagation Tray for 30/35mm Ellepot

Key Features

  • One tray for both stacking and nesting orientation: Can be nested for storage and transport and can be stacked when loaded with Ellepots.
  • Nesting tray designed to hold media plugs such as an Ellepot.
  • Designed to ensure air pruning of the roots, resulting in a healthier and stronger plant.
  • Accepts Ellepot up to 35mm in diameter.
  • Built in benching system with foot on cell base.
  • Open sides which improve aeration and drainage producing an ideal microclimate for rooting and 'air pruning'.
  • Economical long life tray.
  • Cells have central base holes for easy safe ejection of plugs.

Suitable For

  • Excellent: Landscape Trees, Shrub Liners, Woody Ornamentals
  • Very Good: Fruit Trees, Nuts
  • Good: Forestry

Made inUSA

Made in USA - Ca.
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