128S67I: 128 Cell 26x13" Forestry Propagation Container For 30mm Ellepots


Key Features

  • Minimum contact between tray & insert to eliminate root circling.
  • Optimum balance between air-flow for root pruning & dry down time.
  • Allows air pruning between cells without root bridging.
  • Rigid design resulting in no bending when loaded.
  • "Chimneys" between cells allow airflow to dry canopy without drying out the media too quickly.
  • Produces superior root system.
  • Injection molded for long life and ideal for use with automation.
  • Accepts a 30mm wide Ellepot. The height of the insert can be 4" and up.
  • Easy and quick to sterilize.

Suitable For

  • Excellent: Eucalyptus, Forestry

Made inSouth Africa

Made in South Africa
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