008SLED: 8 Cell 10x20" Sleeve & Tray Tree Propagation System For 100mm Ellepots

Key Features

  • 10x20 inch tray with 8 removable sleeves.
  • Injection molded plastic for durability, long life and ease of carrying
  • Wildly used for fruit and nut trees
  • Perfect container system for citrus propagation
  • Ideal for mechanisation for both traditional nurseries & modern purpose built ones
  • Sleeve holds a deep (9 inch) 100mm diameter Ellepot
  • Tray holds a shallow (4.5 inch) 100mm diameter Ellepot.
  • Produces numerous natural roots and eliminates root circling.
  • Various tray versions available depending on nursery set up
  • 8 Sleeves can be handled at once or lifted out individually

Suitable For

  • Excellent: Citrus, Fruit Trees, Woody Ornamentals, Landscape Trees
  • Very Good: Shrub Liners
  • Good: Ornamentals

Made inUSA

Made in USA - Ca.
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