All Ellepot Propagation Trays & Containers

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Sort Cell Count Plant Density Outer Dimensions Cell Volume
8 Cell Pot-in-Frame Tree & Shrub Propagation Tray/Container 008SLED Individual Pot - excellent design for excellent plants
Made in Made in USA - Ca.

Plant Density: 5.80 pl/ft.2

Suitable for: Citrus, Landscape Trees, Woody Ornamentals, Fruit Trees, Shrub Liners, Ornamentals
15 Cell Sleeve and Tray for 80mm Ellepots 15 Cell Sleeve for 80mm Ellepot
Made in Made in USA - Ca.

Plant Density: 9.00 pl/ft.2

Suitable for: Shrub Liners, Pistachio, Nuts, Almond, Woody Ornamentals, Fruit Trees, Grapes, Landscape Trees
72 cell propagation tray/container for media plugs such as Ellepots Turned through 180 degrees, the 72 cell tray stacks for when filled with media
Made in Made in USA - Ca.

Plant Density: 47.60 pl/ft.2

Suitable for: Landscape Trees, Shrub Liners, Woody Ornamentals, Fruit Trees, Nuts, Forestry
126 cell eucalyptus & forestry propagation tray/container The 126 eucalyptus tray has an open base from improved air pruning, drainage and aeration
Made in Made in Brazil

Plant Density: 56.60 pl/ft.2

Suitable for: Eucalyptus, Fruit/Nut Spaced, Shrub/Trees Spaced, Forestry
126 Cell Stacking One Piece Tray for Ellepots Lugs designed for easy locating onto benching rails
Made in Made in Brazil

Plant Density: 53.60 pl/ft.2

Suitable for: Eucalyptus, Nuts, Fruit Trees, Woody Ornamentals, Forestry
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