All Forestry Propagation Trays & Containers

Our innovative forestry propagation containers provide exceptional quality trees with industry standard setting root structure to give your plants the very best start when planting out. Our trays and flats provide saplings with all the benefits of being grown in pots; such as consistency, plant quality and ease of inspection, but with a root quality that rivals, if not beats, bareroot methods. 

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Sort Cell Count Plant Density Outer Dimensions Cell Volume
126 cell eucalyptus & forestry propagation tray/container The 126 eucalyptus tray has an open base from improved air pruning, drainage and aeration
Made in Made in Brazil

Plant Density: 54.10 pl/ft.2

Suitable for: Eucalyptus, Shrub/Trees Spaced, Fruit/Nut Spaced, Forestry
126 Cell Stacking One Piece Tray for Ellepots Lugs designed for easy locating onto benching rails
Made in Made in Brazil

Plant Density: 53.80 pl/ft.2

Suitable for: Eucalyptus, Forestry, Woody Ornamentals, Fruit Trees, Nuts
128 cell forestry propagation tray/container - deep Root training ribs guide the roots to the air pruning holes to give an exceptional root structure
Made in Made in USA - S.East

Plant Density: 51.50 pl/ft.2

Suitable for: Forestry, Shrub Liners, Landscape Trees, Nuts, Fruit Trees
 128 Cell Forestry Seedling Propagation Tray - Super Deep Underside of super deep tray showing cell shape and strong, rigid design
Made in Made in USA - S.East

Plant Density: 52.20 pl/ft.2

Suitable for: Longleaf Pine, Forestry, Citrus, Shrub Liners
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