NEW for 2018! Proptek 162 Cell Vegetable Tray Re-Design

Proptek are committed to continuous improvement and product development, and we are pleased to announce that our popular super-versatile vegetable propagation tray has had an overhaul and is now even better.

The tray has been re-designed from the ground up to create an even tougher design that is easy to carry, compatible with automation equipment and easy to carry. The cells now feature a double root-training rib for an even better root ball, which means incredibly good quality plants that are easy to pull.

As was the case with our previous version, this tray replaces both 162 cavity plastic trays and…

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Tray Length, and the 50 Year Old Problem

A common issue that arises when putting a new greenhouse together is the issue of variation in tray length.

There are variations in most tray lengths (not just our own) which can cause problems on many T-Rail benching systems if not checked.

The problem started with the introduction of the Styrofoam flat in the 1960’s which shrinks after a few weeks and months by up to just under half an inch (1cm). Therefore, when people copied the original trays they made shorter trays as they copied the shorter shrunk tray. After a few months these new trays also shrunk so that they were…

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