Landscape Trees & Woody Ornamentals Ellepot Containers

Proptek air pruning propagation trays and containers for landscape trees and woody ornamentals enable you to grow excellent plants efficiently (automated, semi-automated or manually), regardless of your current or future set up. A healthy, saleable, plant needs the best roots possible, so all our tree containers use our specialist root training and air pruning technology. At the heart of our range are two labor-saving, self-contained growing systems: Pot-in-Frame and Sleeve & Tray sets that feature our air pruning pots and containers in a handy benching and carrying frame.

Our tree and shrub containers are suitable for a very wide range of plants, including roses, magnolias, hardwoods, softwoods, ornamental shrubs, other perennials and more.

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These are our Ellepot trays, click here to view loose fill trays and containers for landscape trees & woody ornamentals