Pot-in-Frame Tree & Shrub Propagation System

A modular system designed to create efficient nurseries and produce perfect natural roots. Cells are removable meaning plants can be sorted easier and sooner, even if the rootball isn’t fully formed yet.

Natural, Numerous & Vigorous Roots

The pots feature Proptek’s patented root training and air root pruning technology to ensure natural, numerous and quality roots. The frame elevates the pot well above the ground to maximise air pruning down both the side and bottom of the pot. This elevated design also reduces the chance of picking up disease as the pots are kept away from the ground and puddles.

The air pruning windows also ensure fantastic aeration and drainage of media. Read more on Air Pruning

System in Action

Designed for Mechanization

promoting great roots is only half the story. Nurseries are finding labor hard to come by – and any hands that can be found are getting more and more expensive.

The Proptek Pot-in-Frame propagation system is designed to be easy to use for both people and machinery. Plants pull easily and the pots can be filled, seeded, sorted and moved all automatically or semi-automatically.

frame and shallow pot 2