Case Studies & Testimonials

Case Studies

Proptek propagation trays and containers are not just pieces of plastic for growing plants in – they form a system that helps develop superb plants efficiently.

Here are some case studies of nurseries we have worked with to develop a tray or container to help develop an integrated nursery solution.



Stew Maxwell | Xylem Horticulture, Canada

“They [the cotainers] are by far the best I have used for cannabis seedlings.”

008PIFS - 8 Cell 10×20″ Pot-In-Frame Tree Propagation System with Shallow Air Pruning Pot View Product

Jon Satz | Woods Market Garden, VT, United States

Our farm has been successfully using a couple of different Proptek trays for several years with our vegetable production. When presented with an opportunity to raise hemp starts for several area growers we felt the 242 would offer a great compromise of a quality plant and great space efficiency.  We seeded well over a half million cells for the 2019 growing season. Plants were transplant ready in about 21-25 days, and with a plug popper allowed us to field plant in as little as 15 days from seeding. The rainy spring delayed some farmer customers who had heavier soils.  In some cases this resulted in holding trays for 30-40 days before transplanting. These plants were not showing any signs of being rootbound and are now growing strong in fields around the state. Many hemp farmers saw the enormous advantage of being able to grow a high quality start in a compact cell with quick turnover and are already scheduling for next season.

242S67F - 242 Cell 26×13″ Vegetable Propagation Tray View Product

Zoë Bradbury | Valley Flora Farm, OR, United States

Our 6-acre vegetable farm is committed to generating as much production with as little waste as possible. We have never been satisfied with the flimsy plastic propagation trays that dominate the nursery industry, because of the garbage they create, the difficulty of moving trays in the greenhouse, the challenge of removing plugs, and the overall lower quality starts they produce.

We were thrilled to discover Proptek trays last year and now use the 144s for nearly all of our vegetable start production. The smooth, tapered plug design makes transplanting fast and easy, and the quality of our plants has been excellent.

Best of all, they are extremely durable. I fully expect we’ll still be using the same trays in a decade, and beyond. The folks at Proptek worked with us to fulfill a group order for a handful of organic farmers in the Pacific Northwest and every single farm has been impressed by these trays so far. Thank you Proptek for designing a quality product that meets our farm’s production needs and will stand the test of time.

144N10N - 144 Cell 10×20″ Vegetable Propagation Tray View Product

Mike Coyle | International Forestry Company (IFCO), GA / LA, United States

Working with Proptek has helped us revolutionize how we and the industry grow pine. Proptek’s containers are sturdy and produce incredibly high-quality seedlings with natural roots. The seedlings are so good from these containers that we have been able to significantly extend our growing season. We’ve saved big too on our labor bill, as these trays work so well with our seeding lines and the plants pull so easily too it makes the job of boxing up so straightforward. Containerized pine needs a Proptek container.

128S67N2 - 128 Cell 13×26” Super Deep Forestry Seedling Propagation Container View Product

Patrick Mobley | Mobley Greenhouse Inc, GA, United States

We have been using Proptek propagation trays for decades now and the plant quality is always second to none. The design helps us produce as many plants per foot as physically possible whilst keeping the quality high, which something that is important to us as we are ourselves strive to produce the best we can. John and the team aren’t just churning out plastic trays – they live and breathe horticulture and have done for years now, so you know you are getting what’s best for the plants. What’s best for the plants is best for us.

128S67V2 - 128 Cell 26×13″ Vegetable Propagation Tray View Product

Jeff Pereira | King City Nursery, CA, United States

Proptek’s 234 Vegetable tray produces exceptional results – they are so durable and have served us very well for many years now. Our pepper plants grow quick and strong with excellent roots and pull from the cells real easy too. All in all – it’s a great tray that makes our lives here at King City Nursery smooth and efficient.

234S67V - 234 Cell 26×9″ Vegetable Propagation Tray View Product

Jose Lima | Wonderful Citrus, CA, United States

I have used the 8 deep pot in frames since 2010 when I had the opportunity to closely participate in its design. The creation of this pot in frame marks a pivoting moment in the conception of modern professional citrus nurseries around the world. Technically speaking the pots are ideal for root development with adequate depth associated with internal ridges which direct the roots down and windows that cause air pruning enabling even more root mass to develop. The frame holding 8 pots make it an easy transition to automation and conveyance which are key features in any professional nursery in the new era of high labour cost. In my point of view, the question of which container to use in a professional citrus nursery has been answered by Proptek and its 8 cell deep pot in frame.

008PIFND - 8 Cell 10×20″ Pot-In-Frame Tree Propagation System With Deep Air Pruning Pot View Product

Cliff Beumel | Sierra Gold Nursery, CA, United States

Simply the best pots, producing the best trees, with the best root structure in the world.

Find out more about how Sierra Gold trees benefit from using Proptek products on this video.

008SLED - 8 Cell 10×20″ Sleeve & Tray Shrub & Tree Propagation System For 100mm Ellepot View Product

Aaron Dillon, Managing Director | Four Winds Growers, CA, United States

By using the Proptek pot in tray growing system (both TALL and SHALLOW pot in frame) I am able to get 50% more plants in my greenhouse vs. growing in the conventional #1 gallon, and at least 66% more than conventional #2, or #5 containers. I am getting more units per square foot by using the Proptek growing system.

Additionally the Proptek plants grow faster and produce a better quality root system due to the abundant air pruning achieved with this pot. The air pruning slots also improve aeration and drainage making for a happier, healthier plant. More units and faster turns all equates to more dollars!!

008PIFS - 8 Cell 10×20″ Pot-In-Frame Tree Propagation System with Shallow Air Pruning Pot View Product

Roger Smith, General Manager | TreeSource Citrus Nursery, Ca., United States

The Tall Pot is a system, not just a container. We designed our 4 acres of facility around the pot and tray and saved thousands of dollars on benching because we only needed rails. The 8 cell tray naturally saves labor by reducing repetitive walking and is conducive to mechanized pot filling and conveyors.

On top of that, the injection molded pots and frames are durable and long lasting. We steam sterilize them and expect at least a 6 year life. The best feature is the root pruning and root architecture caused by the pot. There is absolutely no circling of roots and the mass of roots in the pot is amazing.

Our citrus trees take off and come into production sooner than any other pot used in citrus. Choosing this container was the best decision we ever made.

008PIFND - 8 Cell 10×20″ Pot-In-Frame Tree Propagation System With Deep Air Pruning Pot View Product