: Pioneer Pot by Proptek

Pioneer Pot by Proptek

  • Includes two products: the outer “holder” and the inner “air pruning pot”.
  • Roots grow outwards between the vertical ribs and are air-pruned through the side vents, promoting exceptional lateral root growth.
  • Circling and girdling roots are eliminated due to the uninhibited growing environment.
  • Roots develop very rapidly with air pruning over the entire surface of the pot, with one root being replaced by multiple new roots, creating a root ball with a large quantity of young, vigorous roots.
  • Lower labor costs as no manual root pruning is required.
  • Provides excellent aeration and drainage as water is purged out of the pot quickly.
  • The outer holder prevents the plant from drying out too quickly and protects from extreme heat, which means much easier irrigation and temperature management, up to 30°F cooler than other smooth pots.
  • Base of the pot is elevated above the ground to help aeration, all-round root pruning and prevent disease spread.
  • The holders are very stable, preventing the product from falling over. They can also be fixed to the ground to create a permanent growing area where air pruning pots can be easily moved, added or removed.
  • Long term root architecture is excellent leading to a very stable tree, unlike many containers with defective roots.

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