Start The Hemp & Cannabis Propagation Season With Proptek’s Hemp Tray

In the northern hemisphere, it’s the start of the hemp and cannabis propagation season which means industrial growers will need top quality hemp and cannabis propagation containers for their plants.

Our hemp and cannabis propagation trays are proving to be a real hit with the industry, as they are designed to produce consistent, exceptional quality hemp and cannabis plants in a cost-effective way.

The tough injection molded design creates seedlings that are easy to pull, as the roots can’t dig into the material as with Styrofoam trays. The tough construction also means the tray should last year after year, improving…

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Labor Saving Doesn’t Have to be Expensive Machinery & Robots

Ag and nursery industries are facing major labor shortages and a lack of qualified employees – the solution is to become more efficient with our processes and use automation to bridge the gap.

When automation is mentioned, people think complicated machinery and expensive equipment. This does not have to be the case. Just by picking the right container, you can make huge improvements without spending big. Here’s the 6 reasons to change to a Proptek®/Ellepot® container/insert system:

Save time on Seeding and Filling

A tough injection molded container can be de-stacked automatically a lot easier than other types of tray….

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Tray Length, and the 50 Year Old Problem

A common issue that arises when putting a new greenhouse together is the issue of variation in tray length.

There are variations in most tray lengths (not just our own) which can cause problems on many T-Rail benching systems if not checked.

The problem started with the introduction of the Styrofoam flat in the 1960’s which shrinks after a few weeks and months by up to just under half an inch (1cm). Therefore, when people copied the original trays they made shorter trays as they copied the shorter shrunk tray. After a few months these new trays also shrunk so that they were…

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Automating a Propagation Nursery

Through years of working within the horticulture industry we have picked up some useful experience along the way. Labor costs for propagation nurseries constantly seem to be going up and up and automation is key to achieving a smooth, efficient and above all, profitable, operation.

But where to start: for us, the best place to start thinking about reducing costs is by optimizing the one element that is involved from start to finish: the propagation container.

Take a look at this article we wrote for Nursery Management magazine to find out more:

The products discuess in this article are…

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