World renowned leaders in the design & manufacture
of air pruning propagation trays & containers

Pioneering design, innovation and quality have been the cornerstones of our success for over 30 years.

We supply commercial nurseries and growers across the globe with cost-effective specialist air pruning propagation products designed to ensure you grow the highest quality plants possible. All our trays and containers are injection molded and are designed to last for many years, rather than just a season or two. This not only makes them great value for money, but more environmentally considerate too. For us, green is more than just the colour of the plants.

The purpose of our trays is to create as natural a root system as possible whilst reaping the benefits of a containerized system. Our pots and trays are designed to be future proof, practical and fit both current and future nursery set ups. They are great for mechanization too - helping to cut your expensive labor bill.

Traditionally, there are downsides to using containers - but with decades of experience and some clever design work, with a Proptek tray or pot issues such as root circling and j-rooting are a thing of the past. We make use of our patented specialist air pruning technology to achieve a superb root structure which in turn leads to improved plant quality and higher survival rate.

More numerous & healthy plants in your greenhouses means more profit in your back pocket. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

Why choose Proptek?

Highest Quality Plants | Proptek

Highest Quality Plants

By establishing plants with better air pruned and more natural root systems, nurseries are able to improve the overall plant quality.
Innovative Product Design | Proptek

Innovative Product Design

At Proptek, our trays and containers are scientifically designed and developed to enable the use of techniques such as air root pruning and mechanization features.
Cost-Effective | Proptek


Our long life injection molded plastic trays are designed to last for many years, making them a cost effective option for nurseries.
Environmentally Friendly | Proptek

Environmentally Friendly

Our products are also much more environmentally friendly than Styrofoam or thermoformed trays.
Wide Product Range | Proptek

Wide Product Range

We also have the benefit of a vast product range with a variety of different types of container, each with its own particular scientific design feature to boost plant growth.
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