Hemp & Cannabis Ellepot Trays

Our hemp propagation trays are proving to be a real hit with the industry as they are designed to produce consistent, exceptional quality plants in a cost-effective way.

The tough injection molded design creates seedlings that are easy to pull, as the roots can’t dig into the material as with Styrofoam trays. The tough construction also means the tray should last year after year, improving long term cash-flow.

All our hemp trays feature root training ribs. These prevent root circling and encourage numerous, vigorous & natural root growth for an exceptional root ball to create a plant that grows quickly and strongly once planted out.

Both the tough construction and excellent root structure mean seedlings can be much more easily transplanted out into the field, either by hand or by automated machinery.

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These are our Ellepot trays, click here to view loose fill trays and containers for hemp & cannabis