15 Cell AIRtray® for 80mm Ellepots

New for 2021, this 15 cell container holds 15 individual 80mm diameter Ellepots, and complements the existing 006AIRtray® and 032AIRtray® . The 15 Cell AIRtray® is the perfect container system for landscape tree and shrub propagation and is widely used for the second stage of propagating fruit and nut trees.

Large numbers of trays can also be moved at once using pot forks.

One of the AIRtray’s key features are the air vents located between cells which provide excellent airflow through the canopy. This also helps to air prune root tips.

The AIRtray’s unique design also enables the trays…

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32 Cell Global Tray for 50mm Ellepots

New for 2020, this 32 cell container holds 32 individual 50mm diameter Ellepots, and complements the 006Global tray introduced last year. This propagation container was designed to address the issue of fruit tree propagation in South Africa, but has wide-reaching applications across the globe. And because the containers nest so closely together, this really helps to keep global shipping costs to a minimum. Find Out More.

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Start The Hemp & Cannabis Propagation Season With Proptek’s Hemp Tray

In the northern hemisphere, it’s the start of the hemp and cannabis propagation season which means industrial growers will need top quality hemp and cannabis propagation containers for their plants.

Our hemp and cannabis propagation trays are proving to be a real hit with the industry, as they are designed to produce consistent, exceptional quality hemp and cannabis plants in a cost-effective way.

The tough injection molded design creates seedlings that are easy to pull, as the roots can’t dig into the material as with Styrofoam trays. The tough construction also means the tray should last year after year, improving…

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128 Cell Propagation Tray for Hemp Production

Hemp propagation is in full swing in the USA and our 128 cell tray is fast proving to be an excellent and popular choice. With sales now in several States, hemp growers are taking advantage of the easy to use, tough injection-moulded plastic design that produces very high quality, easy to pull plants.

As our trays last for many, many years they can be financed or leased if you require a large amount for your nursery which can help to improve cash flow.

For more information and all the benefits, see our 128 cell tray product page.

We have a…

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NEW for 2018! Proptek 162 Cell Vegetable Tray Re-Design

Proptek are committed to continuous improvement and product development, and we are pleased to announce that our popular super-versatile vegetable propagation tray has had an overhaul and is now even better.

The tray has been re-designed from the ground up to create an even tougher design that is easy to carry, compatible with automation equipment and easy to carry. The cells now feature a double root-training rib for an even better root ball, which means incredibly good quality plants that are easy to pull.

As was the case with our previous version, this tray replaces both 162 cavity plastic trays and…

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New 28 pot in frame air pruning system launched

Long life product for the grape, nuts, fruit, tree and shrub sectors.

8.5″ pots are held above the bench/ground in it’s own frame system with a design to encourage maximum air flow and air pruning levels. Production and sampling is now available from our warehouse in Watsonville, California.

Please visit our 28 Pot in Frame page for further details.

If you are interested in receiving samples or in placing an order please contact us.

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