Partners & Distributors

At Proptek, we are blessed to be able to work with some amazing people within our industry. They are wonderful people, as well as being incredibly knowledgeable in the world of horticulture and agriculture.

Below is a list of people that we work closely with to ensure we can provide the very best products to all our customers to help them achieve their goals.

Blackmore Inc / Ellepot USA

We work with Blackmore in the USA to help promote our Ellepot trays and containers.


We work with Ellepot to develop our brand globally and to offer our industry leading products to markets across the world. Close collaboration ensures our products showcase Ellepots to their very highest potential to give excellent results to growers.

Ellepot South Africa

We work directly with Ellepot South Africa to bring our brand new forestry, fruit tree and vegetable products to the South African market. The team at Ellepot SA have years of experience within horticulture and we are very pleased to have developed these products with their valuable input. Our South African products are manufactured directly in South Africa, helping reduce shipping costs for nurseries.

Products Supplied: 006GLOBAL, 128S67I, 242S67V

Greenhouse Megastore

Greenhouse Megastore is a one-stop shop for all your retail horticultural needs. They can offer our products in much smaller quantities than we can, enabling smaller growers to benefit from our propagation technology too!

Products Supplied: 008PIFFR, 008PIFND, 144N10N, 162S67V,  231N10D, 231N10S, 242S67F, 338S67V

Hoss Tools

Suppliers of innovative hand tools, wheel hoes, seeders and more, Hoss Tools are well known for their quality products for small to medium growers.

Products Supplied: 162S67V

Les Multi-Plants Pascal Roy

Suppliers of vegetable propagation trays to Quebec, Canada.

Products Supplied:  144N10N, 231N10D, 231N10S

OBC Northwest

The supplier of choice in the Pacific North West. OBC are suppliers of a wide range of propagation and horticultural supplies.

Products Supplied: 008SLET, 008SLED, 015SLET, 015SLEM, 032S10ID, 072N10I, 098S20I

Transplanting Services

Supplier of automatic field transplanters. We have worked closely with Rob to ensure our trays are the most mechanizable as possible to vastly reduce your labor bill.

If you would like to collaborate with Proptek on a project, or would like to become a distributor, please contact us via