Trays & Containers for Ellepots

Ellepots are a versatile, flexible system that provides real savings on cost and logistics. They use special degradable paper to make inserts that then slot into a tray for benching outside or in a greenhouse. The inserts are then sent out to farmers or distributors and no plastic pots or trays have to ever leave the nursery – helping to ensure your trays don’t go missing and cost you needless money. Ellepots can be made on site as needed too.

Proptek have developed trays to take this excellent system to the next level, ensuring the very best quality and the most natural container grown roots found anywhere within the horticultural industry.

6 Cell Tray
120mm Ellepot

8 Cell Sleeve & Tray
100mm Ellepot

15 Cell Tray
80mm Ellepot

015SLET 015SLEM filled Tray

15 Cell Sleeve & Tray
80mm Ellepot

032Global Tree Tray

32 Cell Tray
50mm Ellepot

32 Cell Tray
50mm Ellepot

48 Cell Tray
40mm Ellepot

72 Cell Tray
30/35mm Ellepot

98 Cell Tray
30mm Ellepot

126 Cell Tray
35mm Ellepot

128 Cell Tray
30mm Ellepot

What are Ellepots?

Ellepots are a type of stabilised media. They use a special type of degradable paper to wrap around a “tube” of growing media, keeping it all in place without the need for a cell or container. Because the container no longer needs to hold the soil together, they can be designed to improve air flow and air root pruning instead.

The paper keeps the soil together but lets roots pass through, where they can then be air pruned. Keeping the soil together in this way is very useful as you don’t need to wait until the root ball is fully formed before pulling the plant to sort and grade etc. This means any potential problems with growing can be addressed much sooner, and easier, meaning better plants.

Ellepots come in wide range of diameters and heights to suit your individual nursery and plant needs. There are various types of paper available too, depending on your requirements.

You will see, for example, “100mm Ellepot”. This dimension, in metric, always refers to the diameter of the Ellepot, not the height.

Natural, Numerous & Vigorous Roots

Our trays and containers feature Proptek’s patented root training and air root pruning technology to ensure natural, numerous and quality roots. The frames and trays elevate pots well above the ground to maximise air pruning down both the side and bottom of the pot. This elevated design also reduces the chance of picking up disease as the pots are kept away from the ground and puddles.

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Ellepots when combined with a long-life and rigid injection molded Proptek tray allow for much more efficient automation of your nursery, allowing you to make considerable labor and time savings. Ellepots are suitable for a vast array of uses from ornamental flowers, through trees and shrubs to large scale forestry propagation.

Bumping up can be better automated to – a hole is simlply drilled in a larger Ellepot and the smaller Ellpot is simply slotted in. This bigger Ellepot then gets placed in a large celled tray and returned to the growing area.

The important factors for automation using Ellepots is to have a tray or container that holds the Ellepot firmly but not too tightly, supports the Ellepot down its full length, and provides some means of stopping media falling out the bottom without creating an environment where circling roots can develop. Proptek containers meet these criteria where many others do not.

System in Action

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