050PIFS: 50 Cell 10×20″ Pot-In-Frame Shrub Propagation Air Pruning Set

  • Injection molded for a strong, rigid & long life construction.
  • The lightweight frame is 10×20” & acts like a benching system for the pots.
  • Our smallest size Pot-in-Frame system, perfect for shrub liners, ornamentals and perennials.
  • Frame elevates the pot well above the ground for air pruning down the side and bottom of the pot.
  • Fantastic aeration and drainage of media.
  • 50 pots can be handled at once or lifted out individually.
  • The frame nests & stacks easily with or without pots.
  • Ideal for mechanization to help reduce labor costs.
  • Pots available without the frame.

Made In:

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Suitable For

Root Stock, Step-Up, Shrub Liners, Cannabis, Hemp

Ornamentals, Perennials

Details & Features

Our smallest cell volume Pot-in-Frame system. A set comprises of a carry/benching frame and 50 air root pruning pots.

Perfect for use in an automated perennial, woody ornamental or flower propagation nursery where processes are developed to be streamlined, efficient and cost effective. This system also works well as a first stage to step up, or to grow shrub liners and smaller plants.

Slightly smaller than a standard rose pot, these little air pruning pots can help increase your plants per square foot in your greenhouse, whilst still producing exceptional quality, and often better, plants.

The key to increased productivity and better plants is in the injection molded construction and unique Proptek root technology. The pots feature root training ribs and air root pruning windows to eliminate root circling and to produce numerous natural roots. The root pruning windows also provide improved drainage and aeration of the media, meaning roots don’t sit waterlogged.

Because of the improved root structures and the nonporous nature of the material, plants pull very easily out of the pot, helping to reduce the number of broken plants – or worse the damage that isn’t obvious until the plant is planted out and dies due to transplant stresses between the stem and root ball.

The frame itself is lightweight and sturdy and allows the moving of 50 pots at once, whilst retaining the flexibility to move, grade and sort the plants individually. As the pots are self-contained and removable, plants can be moved and sorted well before a full root system has developed without the danger of damaging the young plants.

Please note: this product comes in pallets of trays and pots. A pallet contains 280 frames and 14,000 pots

Key Features

Cell Count


Outer Dimensions

20" x 10"

Plant Density

32.84 pl/ft.2

Cell Volume

129 cc

Min Order Qty

280 trays

Made In


Shipping Statistics

Minimum Order Qty

14000 Pots / 280 Trays


Units per Pallet1

14000 if order full truck

14000 if ordering partial shipment

Max Pallets/Truck


Max Units/Truck


Max Units/Container2



Units per Pallet1

280 if order full truck

280 if ordering partial shipment

Max Pallets/Truck


Max Units/Truck


Max Units/Container2


Please Note…

1 Full truck loads can fit more trays per pallet as a dedicated full size 53ft lorry is used for delivery. For partial truck loads, we cannot guarantee the height of the lorry, so pallets must fit into all commercial freight vehicles. If arranging your own transport, please advise us at the earliest opportunity on the internal height of your vehicle.

2 Trays are stacked loose or partly loose to get the maximum number of trays per container. This will result in lower unit shipping cost but also more labor to unload

All statistics and measurements may vary so please check before purchasing, if critical, or ask for sample.

Cliff Beumel | Sierra Gold Nursery, CA, United States

Simply the best pots, producing the best trees, with the best root structure in the world.

Find out more about how Sierra Gold trees benefit from using Proptek products on this video.

Roger Smith, General Manager | TreeSource Citrus Nursery, Ca., United States

The Tall Pot is a system, not just a container. We designed our 4 acres of facility around the pot and tray and saved thousands of dollars on benching because we only needed rails. The 8 cell tray naturally saves labor by reducing repetitive walking and is conducive to mechanized pot filling and conveyors.

On top of that, the injection molded pots and frames are durable and long lasting. We steam sterilize them and expect at least a 6 year life. The best feature is the root pruning and root architecture caused by the pot. There is absolutely no circling of roots and the mass of roots in the pot is amazing.

Our citrus trees take off and come into production sooner than any other pot used in citrus. Choosing this container was the best decision we ever made.

Jose Lima | Wonderful Citrus, CA, United States

I have used the 8 deep pot in frames since 2010 when I had the opportunity to closely participate in its design. The creation of this pot in frame marks a pivoting moment in the conception of modern professional citrus nurseries around the world. Technically speaking the pots are ideal for root development with adequate depth associated with internal ridges which direct the roots down and windows that cause air pruning enabling even more root mass to develop. The frame holding 8 pots make it an easy transition to automation and conveyance which are key features in any professional nursery in the new era of high labour cost. In my point of view, the question of which container to use in a professional citrus nursery has been answered by Proptek and its 8 cell deep pot in frame.