Sleeve & Tray Proptek/Ellepot Tree & Shrub Propagation System

Proptek Sleeve & Tray systems are becoming ever more popular as growers realise the very significant time and cost savings they can provide. Growers are turning from “loose fill” to the Ellepot®/Proptek system rapidly, especially since the talk of rising labor rates in recent months.

8 Cell Sleeve & Tray

100mm Ellepots

15 Cell Sleeve & Tray

80mm Ellepots

Better Quality Roots – Better Quality Plants

The whole surface of the Ellepot® can air prune roots. The Ellepot® is contained in either the sleeve (deep Ellepot®) or in the tray (shallow Ellepot®). This creates a large number of young vigorous roots up the side of the Ellepot® with no circling roots. This in turn means plants finish faster and stronger and reach caliper size at a faster rate. Even harder to root plants take well.. Read more on Air Pruning

Very Labor Efficient

Whole process can be automated: seed into small Ellepot® transplanted into large or small Ellepot®, Ellepot® into plastic sleeve, plastic sleeve into frame. Plants can be moved 8 at a time, but also taken out individually to grade and quality check.

Cost effective

The sleeve and tray system uses less soil than loose-fill systems and doesn’t require filling machines. Trays and sleeves are also super durable and will last for many years.

System in Action

Exceptional Growing Environment

Tray allows air flow underneath the sleeves which means less pathogens, reducing the need for the use of expensive chemicals. Good air flow also gives excellent aeration and drainage of the media, helping to eliminate waterlogged roots. Plants are spaced at proper distance, allowing for easy care and easy budding & grafting. Easy to add drip irrigation.

Easy to Ship

The Ellepot® is simply removed from the sleeve and shipped. Zero plastic leaves the nursery making them immediately ready for the next planting.