Compatibility with Automation Machinery & Equipment

Widely Compatible

Proptek trays have been designed to be compatible with a wide range of automation equipment. This helps you create efficient systems that are cost-effective and helps improve profitability

Why Proptek is the Right Fit for Most Nurseries

Our trays are particularly tough, strong and rigid, meaning they This means no damage to trays or seedlings from machinery.

Automation Equipment

Below are the machines we would most highly recommend to use with our euipment. If you would like more information or advice, please get in touch and we wuold be delighted to help.

Conveyor Belts

More info and choices. Any will do. Vital.


More info and choice

Pot Forks

One of the single largest uses of labor for a propagation nursery is moving trays and containers around.

With a very simple “pot fork” solution, thousands of plants can be moved efficiently and quickly by a mere handful of people. Neat, consistently spaced rows are easy to achieve with a minimal amount of training and practice.

If you are moving liner flats/trays or vegetable trays around, there are versions that feature a sheet “shelf” rather than forks.

Check out our recommendations below for pot fork ideas.

Prins Maasdijk “TRIKE” Forklift

Loose-fill Containers

Ellepot Containers

Filling Machines

More info and choices. Loosefil & Ellepot

Vegetable Trays

Loose-fill Containers

Ellepot Containers


More info and our choice. Again, probably veg, loosefil and ellepot