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Getting to the Roots of Good Quality Plants the Proptek Way

Consistent results, unbelievably good roots, no mess, no struggle, no complicated machinery AND cost effective? Oh, and environmentally friendly too, please. A wild fantasy – right?

It doesn’t have to be.

Through working in and with the horticultural industry for over 30 years, along with a little bit of ingenuity and careful design, Proptek truly make the fantasy into real-life.

So how do we do it?

It’s our patented clever mix of root training ribs and air pruning technologies that ensure the roots of your plants grow in the most natural way possible, whilst retaining all the conveniences and advantages of a transportable container. All our trays are injection moulded too, which ensures they have a long and productive life.

What is Air Pruning and How Does it Work?
Our smart air pruning containers work by having specially designed slots or holes in its walls along with a system of ribs or other devices to force the root to grow out of the slot / hole. Most other containers you will come across use only one of these techniques – or neither! A fantastic example of this is our new 50 Pot-in-Frame system which is transforming tree and shrub nurseries at the moment.

When the root grows out of the slot into relatively dry air its tip is desiccated or killed. Once this first root is “air pruned” it loses its dominance and many secondary roots develop to replace it.

These are then air pruned and again they are replaced by even more roots.

The result: a large quantity of young vigorous and natural roots without the need for chemicals (such as with copper pruning), or laborious, harmful processing (such as with mechanical processing).

Find out more about air pruning now and discover the safe, clever way to exceptional plant results.