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The Unified Wine & Grape Symposium – Sacramento February 4th – 6th

Proptek will be at The Unified Wine & Grape Symposium in Sacramento from February 4th to 6th.  Gale Siemens, Proptek’s Sales Representative, will be networking and on hand to meet up with any customers wishing to discuss our patented air root pruning containers for propagating grapes.

If you wish to arrange a meeting with Gale, then please contact her directly or call (800) 487 1381.

Proptek have a container system designed specifically for grape propagation. The system features 28 loose fill air pruning containers that slot easily (either manually or mechanically) into a sturdy frame that acts like a benching and carry system. This eliminates the need for other expensive benching as it already ensures good air flow around the pots – click here for further information.

The pots feature Proptek’s patented root training and air root pruning technology to ensure a natural, vigorous and quality root structure. The frame elevates the pot well above the ground to maximise air pruning down both the side and bottom of the pot. This elevated design also reduces the chance of picking up disease as the pots are kept away from the ground and puddles.

The air pruning windows also ensure fantastic aeration and drainage of the media.

All our propagation trays and containers are made from injection molded plastic, which benefits grape propagators in numerous ways:

  • Plants pull incredibly easily and vastly reduces the likelihood of doing invisible damage to the plant.
  • They last a very long time – no more throwing out single use plastic trays every year.
  • Can be effectively steam sterilised to eliminate the risk of disease carry over.