All Ellepot Propagation Trays & Containers

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Sort Cell Count Plant Density Outer Dimensions Cell Volume
8 Cell Pot-in-Frame Tree & Shrub Propagation Tray/Container 008SLED Individual Pot - excellent design for excellent plants
Made in Made in USA - Ca.

Plant Density: 5.60 pl/ft.2

Suitable for: Citrus, Fruit Trees, Woody Ornamentals, Landscape Trees, Shrub Liners, Ornamentals
15 Cell Sleeve and Tray for 80mm Ellepots 15 Cell Sleeve for 80mm Ellepot
Made in Made in USA - Ca.

Plant Density: 8.90 pl/ft.2

Suitable for: Pistachio, Apples, Pears, Shrub Liners, Stone Fruit Trees, Woody Ornamentals, Almond, Nuts, Landscape Trees, Grapes
72 cell propagation tray/container for media plugs such as Ellepots Turned through 180 degrees, the 72 cell tray stacks for when filled with media
Made in Made in USA - Ca.

Plant Density: 47.60 pl/ft.2

Suitable for: Woody Ornamental, Shrub Liners, Landscape Trees, Nuts, Fruit Trees, Forestry
126 Cell Stacking One Piece Tray for Ellepots Lugs designed for easy locating onto benching rails
Made in Made in Brazil

Plant Density: 53.80 pl/ft.2

Suitable for: Eucalyptus, Forestry, Woody Ornamentals, Fruit Trees, Nuts
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