126S58I: 126 Cell Stacking Eucalyptus & Forestry Propagation Tray for 35mm Ellepot

  • Offers minimum contact between tray & insert to allow for maximum air pruning & aeration.
  • Rigid design resulting in no bending when loaded.
  • Produces a superior root system.
  • Injection molded for long life and ideal for use with automation.
  • Accepts a 35mm wide Ellepot. The height of the insert is optional.
  • Easy and quick to sterilize.

Made In:

Brazilian Flag

Suitable For


Fruit Trees, Nuts, Woody Ornamentals, Forestry


Details & Features

Proptek injection molded tray for Ellepots. An excellent propagation tray for automated, semi-automated and manual eucalyptus propagation nurseries. Also suitable for any plant grown from a cutting, such as some fruit and nut trees and forestry.

This tray is designed to hold 35mm inserts such as Ellepots. The height of the insert is optional, though we do recommend that the height doesn’t exceed the height of the tray by too much to help keep the insert stable for automation purposes. For manual operations, this does not pose an issue.

Due to the outer wall, this tray will dry out slightly slower than the 126N58N, though this will still dry out quicker than a traditional setup. This means you should water less, but more often.

Exceptional quality and natural roots are created by air pruning by having minimal contact between the insert and the tray. This tray is a natural replacement for any trays used in the forestry market, particularly in Latin America where ‘tubettes’ are currently used. It will fit onto most current benching systems.

The superior root system produced will establish better and support more top growth and calliper increase in the first year.

All our trays are an injection molded, rigid design that results in no bending when loaded and a super long working life.

Key Features

Cell Count


Outer Dimensions

22" x 14"

Plant Density

54.1 pl/ft.2

Min Order Qty

186 trays

Made In


Shipping Statistics

Minimum Order Qty

186 Trays


Trays per 40' HC Container


Please Note…

1 Full truck loads can fit more trays per pallet as a dedicated full size 53ft lorry is used for delivery. For partial truck loads, we cannot guarantee the height of the lorry, so pallets must fit into all commercial freight vehicles. If arranging your own transport, please advise us at the earliest opportunity on the internal height of your vehicle.

2 Trays are stacked loose or partly loose to get the maximum number of trays per container. This will result in lower unit shipping cost but also more labor to unload

All statistics and measurements may vary so please check before purchasing, if critical, or ask for sample.