008PIFS: 8 Cell 10x20" Pot-In-Frame Tree Propagation System with Shallow Air Pruning Pot

Key Features

  • Injection molded for a strong, rigid & long life construction
  • Frame is 10x20” & acts like a benching system for the pots
  • Frame elevates the pot well above the ground for air pruning down the side and bottom of the pot
  • Fantastic aeration and drainage of media.
  • 8 pots can be handled at once or lifted out individually
  • The frame nests & stacks easily with or without pots in them
  • Optional frame feature with extra lengthways ribs for sitting on T-rail benching to stop downward deflection
  • Also available with taller 12” inch pots

Suitable For

  • Excellent: Shrub Liners
  • Very Good: Fruit Trees, Nuts, Landscape Trees, Woody Ornamentals

Made inUSA

Made in USA - Ca.
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